Start planning for your children's education today.

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We will pay your children's education fees when you can't.

The Global Education Protector from Discovery Life helps to cover your children’s education from crèche through to tertiary education, locally or abroad, if something happens to you.

Get up to 100% of your child’s tertiary fees funded by leading a healthy lifestyle!

If you don't claim and lead a healthy lifestyle through Vitality, you can get up to 100% of your child's tertiary fees funded. The percentage is based on your children’s age when you take out the policy and the benefit option you select.

Special Offer:

For a limited time, Discovery Life will immediately fund a minimum percentage of up to 33% of your children's tertiary tuition fees through the University Funder Benefit.

*Subject to limits determined by Discovery Life, applies to children who are 12 years old and younger.
This special offer ends 28 February 2018. Speak to your Financial Adviser

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