Save on your insurance costs
by driving well

Vitalitydrive is Discovery Insure’s unique driver behaviour programme that rewards you
for driving well


Get up to 50%

of your BP & Shell fuel spend back by driving well and engaging more each month

Get up to 50% back on fuel

Qualify for immediate fuel rewards that you can increase to up to 50% back on your monthly fuel spend.

Get Active Rewards

With Vitalitydrive Active Rewards, you can get drinks at vida e caffé or KAUAI, as well as parking or car wash vouchers for driving well.

Get 25% off Uber rides

Get 25% off Uber and further discounts with Road Trip and Scooter Angels.

Get an upfront discount for good driving

With the Dynamic Plan, you get an upfront vehicle premium discount of up to 12%, which is adjusted after the first three months and at every anniversary.

Get more rewards if you're under 26

Young adults aged 18 to 25 can get extra rewards every six months, in addition to their monthly fuel rewards.

Get Tiger Wheel & Tyre discounts

Get up to 15% discount at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Double your fuel rewards

Double your fuel rewards by having it paid into a fund every month to save up for your car excess.

Get a tank on us

Win up to a tank of fuel simply for driving well.

Get Gautrain rewards too

If you buy fuel and make use of the Gautrain, we’ll reward you on your total monthly combined spend.


Making rewards possible

With Discovery Insure, you can access a range of service and rewards partners to help you become a better driver and stay safe on the roads. Meet
our partners

Rewards Partners

BP Shell

Rewards Partners

EyeGym Gautrain Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Driving Course Partners

BMW Motorrad BMW Driving Experience BP Volkswagen Driving Academy

DriveMe Partners

Road Trip Scooter Angels Uber

EasyPark Partners

admyt Kaching

Active Rewards Partners

admyt Kaching

Active Rewards Partners

Gautrain StopWash vida e caffé

Support Partners

Netcare 911 iBV


How to earn fuel rewards

To earn up to 50% of your fuel and Gautrain spend back each month, you need to activate Vitalitydrive and install DQ-Track. Link your Vitalitydrive card online and swipe it whenever you fill up at Shell or BP. You can also link your Gautrain Gold card if you have one.

How to increase your rewards

When you earn more DQ Points, you’ll earn more fuel rewards.

Improve your driving

Improve your Driver performance score

You earn DQ Points every month based on how well you drive. You can achieve a maximum of 850 DQ Points for your driver performance score every month.

Achieve your Personal goals

You can earn 50 DQ Points a month for reaching personal goals we give you, based on your past driving behaviour.

Remain claim-free

You can earn up to 200 DQ Points based on the amount of years you’ve not claimed from Discovery Insure.

Improve your driving knowledge and awareness

Complete our Online driver assessment

Improve your driving knowledge and awareness with the Online driver assessment once a year. You’ll earn
50 DQ Points for 12 months.

Complete a driving course

Complete one of the Discovery Insure driving courses to improve your driving and awareness on the road. Completing a course with one of our partners will earn you up to 150
DQ Points a month for 24 months. You can also complete our online course, and earn 100 DQ Points every month for
12 months.

Train in the EyeGym

Train your visual awareness skills through regular EyeGym sessions. You can earn up to 150 DQ Points a month for 12 months.


Maintain your vehicle

Have an up-to-date service history 

When you complete your Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check, you’ll earn an extra 50 DQ Points every month for 12 months for having an up-to-date service history.

Complete a Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check 

Take your motor vehicle to Tiger Wheel & Tyre for this check to make sure it’s safer to drive. You’ll earn 100
DQ Points every month for 12 months for passing the check.

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